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News fatigue is real

It's easier than ever to keep up with what's happening everywhere "right now", and that has had a bad effect on our overall health. It has caused news fatigue.

One way to prevent it is to reduce the frequency at which we read the news (including "not really news" like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.), but that's not very easy when the devices we use daily are built to keep us engaged, almost mindlessly.

An alternative is to develop a routine where you set aside a time in the day to read the news once per day, and that's it.

BlogInMail helps with that, and it's only $20 / year.

How does BlogInMail help?

By receiving a single email with "the news" per day, you are able to be more focused and productive throughout the day, as you'll not need to check the "real time news".

Try it out. You'll see it's a great way to beat news fatigue.

Start 14-day free trial

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$20 / year after.

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What do I need to use it?

You just need a browser and an email address. If you're seeing this, you probably already have both.

How does it work?

Every day, you will get an email with the titles and links to the new articles (or websites with new content), and that's it.

What's the price?

$20 per year after the initial 14-day free trial. No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

"I was really happy to find a way to keep reading the websites I like to read, but without having to check them out multiple times per day. Bruno has been really responsive with my questions and help with websites that din't work initially."

Ann Z.

"Every morning I'm excited to receive this email with everything that happened the day before. I no longer have to keep scrolling social media mindlessly, and I feel like I've got more time in the day to focus on other things."

Jay K.